Delta plano

    with plano lenses

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    Delta R/X stands for a professional lensing concept with reasonable prices. We only sell the Delta ready powered with toric prescription. A special fittingset makes it easy to create the sales in your shop.

    DeltaRX - prescription swimming goggles

    DeltaRX (Jr) swimming goggles are specially designed for spectacle wearers who also want clear vision when swimming. No matter what the prescription, just about every optical power is possible with the DeltaRX (Jr), even with cylindrical lenses, as well as taking account of the pupil distance!

    The optimum fit and seal in the water are ensured by the special construction of the DeltaRX (Jr) and the adjustable bridge size at the nose.

    All Proteye corrective lenses comply with the CE/BS5883 standards and are also produced in accordance with the safety standards for protective eyewear (EN166) and corrective optical lenses (EN8980). Only Proteye lenses let the DeltaRX (Jr) meet the Proteye standards of safety and optical quality!

    The lenses are UV absorbent and are available with various colour filters for e.g. contrast enhancement or sunlight filtering.